Streamcolors is a team of eclectic visionaries, video games veterans, aesthetic hunters, experts of cultural divulgation and digital technology.

Humans, Arts and Technologies are the interpretation keys that Streamcolors uses to unlock unique solutions that enhance imagination, knowledge, creativity and interaction.

Art | Giacomo Giannella

Giacomo is the creative and visionary soul of Streamcolors.

He is a digital artist and a videogames veteran with almost 15 years of experience as Videogames Art Director and professor of Videogames Art Direction at the IED University in Milan.

His passion for technology, philosophy, nature and science drove him to create -in 2004- a generative art system with which, through a three-dimensional graphic alphabet (the Giants), he manipulates images in real time to create videos and artworks.

In his work, Giacomo opens the doors to a new perception of the visible in an abstract, interactive, unexpected and unique way.

Humans | Giuliana Geronimo

Giuliana's strong background in Project Management, Communication Science and in new Technologies for cultural and art institutions has brought Streamcolors the necessary knowledge and understanding of the audience needs and interaction patterns.

Every human count, every human relation adds value to Streamcolors' projects.

Giuliana has also re-created life in the perfect form of two beautiful baby Giannellas: Guido and Giulio.

Technology | Andrea Boschetto

Andrea is the tech pillar of Streamcolors.

He has graduated as Digital Artist from The European Institute of Design in Milan and had a five years experience as Technical Artist in the videogame industry. He joined Streamcolors in 2016.

Unreal Engine Platform is his daily playground.

Streamcolors is a Milan based digital art studio specialised in real-time software development and in the production of interactive solutions for worldwide clients: cultural institutions, companies, design and fashion brands.

Streamcolors is a pioneer in bridging Unreal - the Epic Games graphic engine and the most advanced platform in video games production - outside the boundaries of the game industry, allowing a vast audience to have immersive experiences through installations, 3D videos, virtual reality and video games.

In 2017, Streamcolors has designed and developed the Stream Machine, a patent software capable of graphic re-elaboration of images that can create immersive rooms or personalised design, for objects and digital prints.