Giants the Movie  

Mix of fashion, arts and technologies



“The models are walking in a circle, where visionary graphics flow together.

Kean Etro has created these chromatic interpretations with digital artist, Giacomo Giannella/Streamcolors

through a process of creative mathematics.

Every look is deconstructed and every colour becomes animated.

The Giants are born; complex three-dimensional models covered in extracted colours and decoded from the photographs of each look.

With their magnificence, they bring the collection to a new and distant dimension”


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 Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_5Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_6Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_9Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_15Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_16Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_20Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_21Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_23Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_32Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_33Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_25Streamcolors Meets ETRO_Collection_ 2013_27


“The collection is a piece of Extracted Art. Starting from zero, the image of the model on the catwalk changes until it turns alchemically into the Giant. The chromatic pattern is seen as waves of colour that range from blue to white, which symbolize the accomplishment of a peaceful and enlightened state of mind. It tells of a not yet codified language, unknown yet already present in our conscience, because it includes the world of imagination and the use of technology – both integrant parts of our everyday life.”