ETRO PE 15 Fashion FIlm Show

A food Odissey is a journey inside the food’s colors that have inspired Kean Etro for his menswear spring/summer 2015 collection. It is a journey in a tridimensional space that brings the audience inside an incrising mutation of the colors’ perception.

From the first chapter (Dawn of food) to the last one (Color Odyssey), the audience experiences the real time recorded exploration lived by Giacomo Giannella inside his 3d structures (Giants). The Giants change the visual perception creating new significants and landscapes untill the end where the colors exploration rappresents the entire cromatic collection and the born of a new language.

During the fashion show (23 of july 2014), the movie was projected on a huge wall and it accompanied with its suggestions the models’ walk and the music (live performed by Hang Massive).


The show with live music by Hang Massive

The Journey: Exploring Matera 2019 // Rocco Petrone

Live Streamcolors Giants for Etro Menswear Spring Summer 2013


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