Client: Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi

Project Name: Stream Machine - Discover New Itineraries

Project Type: Monitor Touch Screen

When and Where: Permanent installation from December 2018, Camera dei Notari in Palazzo Giureconsulti close to Duomo, Milan

Stream Machine – Discover New Itineraries it’s a permanent installation inside the  Yes Milano Tourism Space. On a 55-inche touch-screen, the audience is invited to play with sliders to modify some Milan’s photos. The result is a very personal and unique interpretation of the original and it can be shared by e-mail.

Yes Milano Tourism Space it’s the place in the heart of Milan to welcome tourists and citiziens in an enviroment where analogue and digital technology meet creating a multi-sensory experience. During daylight hours, it is an informative, engaging and unexpected space to discover Milan and Lombardy. In the evening, this closed space, comes to life becoming a real multimedia magic lantern.

Project by: Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi, Comune di Milano, in collaboration with Politecnico and Triennale – Design Museum of Milan.

On the opposite side, like a large colourful hanging picture, the Stream Machine (a big interactive monitor by Streamcolors), grabs the visitor’s attention with colourful changing patterns. It invites her/him to create endless personal combination by overlapping a library of available patterns with photographs, representing the main points of interest in the area. It induces her/him to play the game, to become familiar with and examine the images of the selected places. It then allows the visitor, following a short questionnaire, to send the final result directly to her/his mailbox, transforming it into a gift, a souvenir, almost like a postcard.This method allows Tourism Space to track people, their motivations and desires. To donate and receive information at the same time.
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