Client: Fondazione Akhmetov

Project Name: Metamorfosi

Project Type: Video installation and concert backdrop/scenography

When and Where: April 2016, Scriabin Theatre in Moscow

Metamorfosi is a 3D, immersive scenography realised for the piano recital by Matteo Ramon Arevalos at Scriabin Theatre, in the heart of Mosca.
It was inspired by the mosaics of Marco Bravura, internationally renown artist that lives and works in between Ravenna and Mosca.
Metamorfosi has also been projected inside the Maiakovskaya underground station for the Museums Night, in mid-June, at Ravenna Festival 2017 and MAR Museum of Art in Ravenna as part of the exhibition “Montezuma, Fontana, Mirko. The sculpture and mosaic art from the origins to Twentieth Century” during the International Contemporary Mosaic Festival. Starting from the 3d video Marco Bravura has created a series of sculptures.