Client: Fondazione Akhmetov

Project Name: Metamorfosi

Project Type: Video installation and concert backdrop/scenography

When and Where: April 2016, Scriabin Theatre in Moscow

Metamorphosis is a subjective journey on a mosaic island characterized by numerous Giants, great sculptures born from the encounter with the internationally famous mosaicist Marco Bravura.

The viewer makes a subjective journey within this space suspended in the universe where the light of the Sun, from sunrise to sunset, enhances the colours of the mosaic tiles. The music is by pianist and composer Matteo Ramon Arevalos.

The Giants, the digital sculptures designed and created by Giacomo Giannella for the video are becoming, thanks to Marco Bravura, magnificent real sculptures that can be admired permanently inside the Art Museum Dom Literature at the gates of Moscow, in Tarusa. Icon of this new series of mosaics is Vortex Attraction.

Exhibitions and concerts:
– 2016: immersive set design for the concert by Matteo Ramon Arevalos at the Scriabin Theatre, in the heart of Moscow, connected to the great exhibition at the Archaeology Museum with works by mosaicist Marco Bravura;
– 2016: video installation inside the Maiakovskaya metro station, during the Moscow Museums Night;
– 2017: concert for the Ravenna Festival;
– 2017-2018: video installation inside the exhibition Montezuma, Fontana, Mirko. sculpture and mosaic from the origins to the 20th century at the MAR Museum of Art in Ravenna during the Mosaic Biennial;
– 2020: video installation within the exhibition Vasi comunicanti inaugurated on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre in Moscow (7 January – 31 March 2020).