Client: Curated by MEET Digital Cultural Centre. Supported by SEA Airports


Project Type: Interactive video installation

When and Where: Malpensa Airport, December 2019 - March 2020

Every trip is a unique and exciting experience and what makes it even more memorable are the places of passage, more and more attentive to travelers. Inside Malpensa airport from 18 December for three months, until 31 March 2020, you can experience a magical moment of pure digital art.
The project Stream Machine Milano, realized by the studio of Milano Streamcolors within the exhibition NICE TO MEET YOU, edited by MEET Digital Cultural Centre and promoted by SEA Airports, allows those who cross the Milan Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1), to stop for a moment to admire the changing Milan.
On a large screen (over 12 metres) an interactive installation comes to life with images of great emotional impact from 1744 to the present day of the symbolic places and themes of the Milanese capital: the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Scala, the Navigli, the Castle, transport and the skyline.
It is the story of the city’s history which, first through paintings, then black and white photos and then colour, evolves into works of contemporary digital art. Through a controller with joystick and buttons typical of the video game cabinets of the 80s, it is the visitor who can transform the 21 initial images into abstract art thanks to the Giants, three-dimensional digital sculptures that have characterized the Streamcolors’ works for 20 years.
The installation is fully part of the studio’s poetics that passes through the development of its own digital tools (software) to directly involve the viewer and is part of the line of projects carried out in recent years, even outside national borders, with Stream Machine, the generative art system created by Streamcolors.

Stream Machine Milano – says Giacomo Giannella, artistic director of Streamcolors – allows viewers to co-create surreal, abstract and infinite visions in search of enchantment. It is the possibility to borrow the art of paintings and photographs to project Milan into an imaginative future with the digital eye of the machine and the aesthetic taste of each person. An invitation to a journey with new eyes into Milan thanks to digital art“.